*We are proud to showcase stories of our actual clients. Those featured followed the Diet Center program and were committed to their own success. Individual results may vary.

Tracy 38 Pounds

"Before I started the Diet Center Program, I had really low energy, no confidence, and I felt like I couldn't keep up with my own life. Now, after losing 45 pounds, I have found my confidence and feel absolutely incredible! I'm in the best shape of my life. My greatest advice to anyone considering the program is DO IT. It's 100% worth it when you realize you no longer have to hide in your clothes--I am bikini-ready all year round! With Diet Center, you truly begin to love yourself from the inside out." Individual results may vary. 

Val 109 Pounds

”Diet Center has given me my life back! I had been diagnosed with borderline diabetes and high blood pressure.  I literally was a ticking time bomb.  I knew I needed to get control of my weight, but I didn't know where to start. I looked for a program that would coach me every step of the way and support me throughout my weight loss journey. As I lost weight, I felt healthier and more energetic. I reversed my doctors diagnosis without medications! I am now able to do things I could not do before, everything from tying my shoes to fitting in an airplane seat and shopping in normal stores. I have lost 109 pounds and still losing! Diet Center helped give me my life back.” Individual results may vary. 

Bill 34 Pounds

"Before Diet Center, I felt lethargic, tired and ashamed of my appearance. I wanted to be able to run again. I knew a marathon just wasn't going to happen without losing weight. I wanted to regain that competitive edge I used to have before life helped me pack on the weight. Now, I'm at a weight to be competitive, active and very happy! The program was worth every penny. I feel like I am back in the game mentally and physically. Diet Center ROCKS." Individual results may vary. 

Tammy 47 Pounds

"My extra weight made me feel uncomfortable all the time. I was constantly self-conscious and lacked confidence in myself and my appearance. I wasn't happy with who I had become and needed a change in my life. I joined Diet Center after hearing that the program actually worked! Now, I feel so much better about myself. Since losing the weight, it's like my husband and I are dating again! It's given me a whole new take on life!" Individual results may vary. 

Kim 54 Pounds

“I worked a stressful desk job and was eating poorly. My blood pressure and cholesterol both were elevated and I had been on medication for 4 years. I wanted to be healthy again!  I had been working out and the scale wasn’t working with me and that’s when I decided I needed help. I didn’t want meals delivered to my door, I wanted to learn how to change my life, so I joined the program. I used to avoid the camera and get in the back of pictures—now I am out front! It’s nice to be friends with the lady in the mirror again. I have normalized my blood pressure and cholesterol, said goodbye to the meds and hello to new energy, compliments from friends and family – I have found the new me.” Individual results may vary. 

Brent 42 Pounds

“It took that eye opening experience of seeing a picture of myself on Facebook, I didn't notice myself getting bigger day in and day out. It was complacency, having kids, not being as active as I used to be. Now that I’ve lost the weight I have a lot more stamina. I have normalized my type 2 diabetes.  Life becomes so much easier when you’re not carrying that extra weight. I am better at work, in my home life, and have more energy for my kids.” Individual results may vary. 

Jean 52 Pounds

"I was gradually gaining weight and kept thinking, well next month I have to do something about this and all of a sudden it was out of hand. Diet Center worked for me because you eat regular food, you don’t have to buy packaged meals, and they teach you about portion size and control. I love that I can get in the floor and play with my grandchildren. Who says losing weight after 50 is hard? I feel wonderful, it’s given me my life back." Individual results may vary. 

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    Hi DC SUPERSTARS!  It's Jason and we are partying hard for Diet Center's 43rd Birthday!  You are the purpose of this celebration, as we would not be here without our fabulous clients...

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