12 Benefits of Your Weight Loss Success

1. Improve Your Memory

Studies show losing weight can improve memory and cognitive performance. This study, presented at The Endocrine Society’s 95th Annual meeting cited that memory decline related to obesity is, in fact, reversible. Losing weight can increase your brain activity and improve your memory.

2. Lower Your Risk of Certain Diseases

Weight loss can lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, reducing your risk for certain illnesses like heart disease and hypertension. In addition decreasing your risk of certain heart-related diseases, weight loss has also been shown to reduce your risk of certain types of cancer as well as type 2 diabetes.

3. Feel Happier

Studies have shown there is a connection between obesity and depression. By losing weight, you improve your mood, self-image and overall outlook. Even certain healthy foods have been shown to positively affect mood, like many of the food options included in the Diet Center program.

4. Increase Energy

There is an undeniable relationship between the foods you eat and the energy you have. With the extra energy you obtain from the fruits, vegetables, proteins and healthy grains you will eat while participating in the Diet Center Program, may notice increased energy levels. Here’s to having an extra skip in your step!

5. Live Out Loud!

By committing to reach your goal weight and living healthier, your confidence will undoubtedly flow. People who feel self-conscious about their weight may make excuses to avoid certain events, outfits and situations and wind up missing out on experiences. Instead of making excuses, promise yourself to start losing weight today. When you look and feel your best, the world is your oyster! Take in those events and social situations. It’s your time to live out loud!

6. Get Excited About Your Wardrobe

Our clients often tell us before they came to Diet Center, they would avoid wearing certain types of clothing of their weight. Losing weight can make getting dressed an enjoyable activity. Fit into your old favorite pair of jeans or buy that cute sundress you’ve been eyeing for summer. Weight loss can do wonders for your wardrobe!

7. Take Back Your Activities

You may have been an avid biker, skier, hiker, swimmer, runner, etc., but the extra weight may be hampering this active lifestyle. Losing weight is a great way to regain the energy and strength to enjoy these passions once again. Weight loss also decreases joint pain, allowing you to be active without the discomfort from carrying around excess weight.

8. Save Money

Trimming your waistline could potentially save you money! Between medical bills, medication costs and more, you could actually cut costs by losing weight.

9. Sleep Better

Studies show that weight directly affects sleep patterns. Extra weight may be creating extra pressure on the walls around your windpipe, making it difficult to breathe during sleep. A weight-related disorder called Sleep Apnea is a potentially dangerous condition in which breathing intermittently stops and starts during sleep. Shedding those unwanted pounds could help you breathe and sleep better.

10. Keep Up With Your Family

Carrying around extra weight, especially while running after little ones, can be exhausting. By dropping those pounds, you’ll have a better chance of keeping up with your high-energy children. You will also be a role model for your kids as they develop their own health and wellness habits.

11. Feel Your Best at a Special Event

Graduations, weddings, birthday parties and other special occasions can spur the desire to want to lose weight. These pivotal events are wonderful incentives to spark your weight-loss journey and provide an additional goal to reach your goal weight.

12. Share Your Success

The sweetest successes are the ones you can proudly share. Losing weight is an exciting achievement you can be proud to share. Your friends, family and your Diet Center support system are always enthusiastic to hear about your weight-loss triumphs. So don’t be modest—share those hard-earned accomplishments!

BONUS: Be Someone Else’s SlimSpiration

By losing weight, feeling great and improving your overall outlook on life, you could be someone’s inspiration to embark on their own weight-loss journey. Sharing your experience could motivate those around you to adopt healthier habits and maybe even change their lives.

If any (or all) of the above reasons make you want to begin your own weight-loss journey, call Diet Center and let us tell you more about our comprehensive programs, one-on-one counseling and invaluable health knowledge that will help you not only lose weight, but transform your life.

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