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Hormones Affecting Your Health

Hormones Affecting Your Health

Sweets and carbs are the visible enemies affecting your health, but there are several invisible, microscopic villains influencing how your body functions. Hormones, the chemical messengers that navigate your bloodstream, organs and tissues, influence your brain health, energy levels, sex drive, fat storage, and many other vital functions.

External factors such as nutrition and exercise are very important to your overall health and weight loss journey. However, internal factors like hormones also play a large hidden role

Testosterone and Estrogen Affect Both Genders

Testosterone is misleadingly understood to be the “male” hormone and estrogen is misleadingly understood to be the “female” hormone. However, it’s middle-aged women who suffer more from the loss of testosterone, not estrogen. Research shows that sufficient levels of testosterone are absolutely essential for mental and physical health in both sexes. Women that lose the hormone often lose mental focus, as well as libido, feel fatigued, and store fat.

If you’re experiencing testosterone issues, the best method for a T-boost is to improve your everyday lifestyle. Get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and maintain a balanced diet. Studies have shown that monounsaturated and saturated fat intake were strong indicators of testosterone levels.

When it comes to brain health and muscle recovery, it is said that estrogen affects both females and males in the recovery process. However, it’s a proven fact that estrogen levels do affect how your body stores fat. Excess fat converts testosterone into estrogen, resulting in imbalance of the body. Again, regular exercise and a proper diet can help with these imbalances. Diet Center Mid South has other options available as well.

High-Stress Results in High Cortisol Levels

We’ve all heard that stress makes you fat, and who doesn’t experience a daily overload of stress? Your cortisol levels will see short spikes, which is normal, but the issue arises when the levels stay high. According to doctors and research, elevated levels are dangerous to your cardiovascular system and also cause changes to your eating habits. The silver lining to maintaining healthy cortisol levels is that exercise can decrease stress, which decreases cortisol levels.

Insulin Relates to More than Diabetes

How many people do you know that instantly associate insulin with diabetes? It’s true, insulin plays a huge role in the disease, but it also affects your metabolism. As you eat throughout the day, carbs swim into your blood stream and your body releases insulin to uptake glucose. The problem is when your body releases too much insulin, resulting in insulin resistance. Consistent exercise can increase insulin production and proper meal planning can result in a happier, healthier life.

Find the Best Treatment Plan for You

These hormones often present a powerful effect on your body. However, you are not completely powerless against them. Regular exercise, adequate sleep, proper nutrition, and occasionally the right substances can help keep your hormone levels in normal range.

For award winning diet services and a program tailored to your unique body, learn more about Diet Center Midsouth Weight Loss Programs. Whether you’re looking for traditional dieting methods, meal replacements or supplements, we can provide an effective weight loss program for you. 

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Should you keep a Fitness Checklist?

Should you keep a Fitness Checklist?

Keeping a fitness checklist can have its advantages and disadvantages. Many people fill that a checklist is necessary in order for them to stick to their diet and exercise plans. Others may fill that the list created more pressure and makes it harder to focus on the outcome of the fitness plan.


A checklist can be helpful to many people who are trying to follow a fitness plan to lose weight or get healthy. The list can include specific exercises and when they should be done as well as diet food and when they should be eaten. Many people use the list to ensure that they are following their fitness plan correctly and are not forgetting anything. A checklist is also a good way to look back on accomplishments and stay motivated.


Although a checklist can help many people, it can have the opposite effect for many others. It can be difficult to stick to a fitness plan at time, especially when just starting out. Failing to complete a checklist each day can make a person feel like a failure. This can cause them to stop a diet or fitness plan because they feel as if they are not up to the challenge or simply cannot do it. The checklist can also lead many people to cheat on their diet or exercise routine by picking and choosing the items on the list they want to follow and leaving out the ones they do not like or find too challenging.

The Right Fitness Plan

Before you can create a checklist of all your fitness goals and accomplishments, you need to find an effective program that helps you lose weight. You don’t want to settle for a diet or weight loss program that you won’t stick with. The whole point in making a checklist is to help you accomplish your weight loss goals. Don’t be afraid to try something new and remember to stick with it and give it a fair chance.

Before making a fitness checklist, think about the type of person you are and how you react to failure or disappointment. If you think a checklist will help you stick to your fitness plan than create one, otherwise do not make one or hold off until you are more comfortable with the plan and are able to stay motivated. You can reach your weight loss goals with a little work.

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“Health Foods” That Are Destroying Your Health

Navigating the sea of misinformation regarding health foods can be a full-time job. According to recent studies 54% of Americans examine nutrition labels when choosing their groceries, which means more than half of the US is focused on finding healthier options. Food companies have caught onto this trend and often advertise false nutritional benefits or completely dismiss the unhealthy aspects of their offerings. We’ve put together a list of few imposters to keep an eye on while making your choices.

Commercial Smoothie Chains

Traditional advertising would have us believe that going to our local smoothie shop means that we will be drinking beverages chock full of vitamins and vegetable goodness. However, the opposite is usually the case– a recent article by Purdue University revealed top-performing drinks at a well-known smoothie establishment to have as much sugar and calories in them as candy bars. What’s worse is that many of these established chains have opted to replace the vitamin-rich foods listed in their ingredients with sweetened alternatives such as ice cream or sugary fruit juice concentrates. Replace that sugar-bomb smoothie with a refreshing and vitamin-packed serving of our popular Wild Berry Gold Protein or protein-packed Instant Shape Up Shakes with your favorite fruit blended in.

Granola Bars

Granola bars seem deceptively attractive due to their high fiber content and mix of whole grains. The danger is that many companies add exorbitant amounts of sugar to their bars to make them more palatable for younger audiences. These high-sugar contents lead to very sharp spikes in insulin levels, which we all know lead to the body converting excess glucose into fat. Additionally, some companies will use high amounts of oil as a binding agent in their bars. All around, the dangers of these bars far outweigh the benefits. Consider instead a nutritionally balanced Diet Fast Protein Bar for all of the health benefits and none of the junk.

Frozen Yogurt Shops

A fun trip to your local frozen yogurt shop might sound like the perfect end to a week but consider this: most froyo shops use high levels of sugar syrup or high-fructose corn syrup to sweeten their mixture. Some frozen yogurt chains have been found to have as much sugar in their yogurt as commercial ice creams. Let’s not forget that even fruit toppings often have sugar added to enhance their natural sweetness. Don’t trust that all froyo is created equal and do your research. Grocery chains are beginning to carry frozen Greek yogurts that are perfect for mixing fresh fruit into for a creamy delight. Or, simply mix a Fat Burning Gold Protein Pudding Mix with some Greek Yogurt and freeze to make your own healthy frozen yogurt treat perfect for your weight loss program.  As part of your program you can also enjoy a kiddie size TCBY in the sugar-free variety.  Perfect for a quick treat on the go.


Recent research uncovered that the levels of mercury in women’s blood has reached an all-time high. Mercury is toxic to the central-nervous system and is known to cause permanent damage to internal organs. The human body is capable of processing small amounts, but due to environmental pollutants, the fish we eat are now carrying increasing amounts of mercury, which is building up in our bodies to toxic levels. The number one fish used in sushi is tuna and unfortunately, tuna sits at the highest level of mercury saturation. Coupled with the large amounts of refined carbohydrates in white rice of a standard sushi roll and the sodium in soy sauce, those sushi rolls are not doing you any favors. Many rolls also contain large amounts of calorie-laden mayo which will definitely derail weight loss attempts.  Substitute the rolls for some baked fish low in mercury content such as catfish, tilapia, or trout. Get the essential health benefits of fish oil without the mercury with Diet Center’s Cellulite Away formula containing EFAs. Good Fats without the danger of mercury

Frozen Diet Dinners

The idea is simple enough: microwave an entire healthy meal in minutes for the ultimate dining convenience. However, simplicity is the word that best describes the nutritional profile of these “meals”. These drab concoctions are full of processed foods that have had all their vitamins and minerals cooked out during the packaging process. To make frozen dinners palatable, companies pack them with sodium and flavor enhancers to trick your body into thinking they contain substance. This highlights a major issue in the food industry: calling something healthy does not make it so. Diet Center has had a 46 year-long track record of success in helping people on their health journey because we continually educate our clients that healthy food is REAL food. Skip the boxed mess and for a quick nutritious dinner, steam some seasoned chicken and vegetables together in a pan and serve with a side of savory quinoa.

Sports Drinks

The “sports drink” was born years ago to address a core complication experienced by long distance athletes. Sustained periods of moderate activity cause our glucose levels to deplete as our bodies quickly convert it into energy. After those levels go down, we experience a decrease in performance and an overall feeling of lethargy. As we sweat, our bodies also release electrolytes that we must replace to maintain physical output. The original sports drink was meant to add glucose and electrolytes back into the body to provide easily converted energy as well as replace the things being lost. Companies often fail to mention that an athlete must maintain activity continuously for at least 60 minutes for drinks like these to be beneficial to their performance. Otherwise, the high levels of sugar present in these drinks are simply providing insulin spikes that can lead to weight gain and poor energy use. Be wary of sugar water sports drinks and instead choose drinks that are beneficial to your overall health.

Fast Food Salads

The great lie of fast food joints is that the salads they make are healthy. Just last year, a major fast food chain was found  to have salads containing calorie and fat counts as high their biggest cheeseburger… And we’re not loving that. Fast-food salad dressings typically contain large amounts of high-fructose corn syrup as well as preservatives which extend their shelf life for years. These pair with loads of carbohydrates from oil-fried croutons and breaded meats making fast food salads just another processed product devoid of any real nutrition. Make your own salads at home. They are guaranteed to be more delicious and cost far less. Try our delicious Steak Salad for a healthy yet indulgent dinner.

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Weight Loss Blunders

Congratulations! You have taken the first step in your journey to better health. If you have tried to lose weight in the past, you’ve probably encountered some challenges along the way. Here are a few of the most common blunders people make while trying to lose weight and how you can avoid them.

Not Planning

The primary goal of a weekly meal plan is to maintain a healthy diet while avoiding the nutrition pitfalls of a busy schedule. By prioritizing preparing meals ahead of time, you will always have a healthy meal or snack choice on hand for when you are in a time crunch. Success rarely comes without a plan, and weight loss is no exception. With the Diet Center Food List in mind, begin searching for healthy recipes you will enjoy cooking and eating. Don’t forget our Facebook Page, website, and center cookbook contains hundreds of delicious, easy to prepare, on-plan recipes.  Base your programs around foods you love and watch your results skyrocket!

Not Seeking Support

Don’t be afraid to tell your family and friends that you have chosen to live a healthier lifestyle. You will find it much easier to avoid temptations and your friends will start inviting to go for a bike ride around town instead of going to get ice cream. This does not mean you have to stay at home for all of your meals!  You will can have TCBY, Starbucks, and even Mexican Food! While following your Diet Center Program you to can dine out and attend special events because you will have the tools you need to be able to stay accountable to your food plan. Your Diet Center Counselor will guide and support you when faced with challenging situations.

Not Eating Enough Protein (Or Too Much)

Protein is very important. It helps you stay fuller longer and helps to regulate your blood sugar levels to avoid insulin spikes and crashes. Your body requires protein; there is no doubt about that. Your body also needs starches, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables. When you go overboard on protein consumption, you are missing out on vital nutrients essential to good health.

Thinking Exercise Will ‘Undo’ Poor Food Choices

Making the right dietary choices will always be 80-90% of your success. Most people think that doing 30 minutes on the elliptical will compensate for poor food choices. It doesn’t. A number of calories you burn through exercise is surprisingly small. This is one of the reasons the “Calories In vs Calories Out” weight-loss method is flawed. People over-estimate a number of calories they are burning and under-estimate a number of calories they are consuming. A balanced food plan that incorporates lean proteins, unrefined starches, fruit, vegetables and healthy fats will improve your metabolism and turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

Not Tracking

Maintaining a food journal is vital for successful weight loss. Recent studies conclude that regularly writing down everything we consume in a food journal may double weight-loss results! But not all journaling is created equal. Some people like to map out their meals ahead of time and just cross them off their journal as the week progresses. Others like to write each meal as it is consumed, either before or after they’ve eaten. Both methods are effective. Although food journaling apps are popular, Diet Center recommends that you put pen to paper and journal as your food is enjoyed. This makes you take the time to really think about what you are eating. It is also a great tool for repeating success. By recording what you eat you can identify successful periods as well as challenging situations.

Eating “Diet” Foods

If you want to lose weight, you have to eat a balanced diet that consists of REAL food. Just because a label says it’s low-fat or low-sugar, doesn’t mean that it is healthy. Often, companies will increase other unhealthy ingredients in an effort to make food taste better. For instance, when you see a label that says ‘low-fat’, typically it will contain high amounts of salt and sugar additives to make up for the flavor lost from the reduced fat. With Diet Center Midsouth, you eat fresh, everyday foods that you prepare yourself. This ensures that you have the tools to make healthy food choices to maintain your results once you have completed your program.

Always Doing The Same Routine

Variety truly is the spice of life and when you embrace variety in your food plan you will feel better, have more energy and achieve better weight-loss results. Don’t be a creature of habit, be adventurous and enjoy a variety of new foods daily and weekly, as a part of your balanced food plan. Sparking variation in your normal health routine and food plan helps to create lasting change for sustainable weight loss and long-term good health. Don’t fall into the habit of eating the same foods day in and day out. Our bodies naturally require diversity because no one food contains all the nutrients our bodies require, nor does one specific exercise target all parts of the body.

All of these weight-loss blunders are made with the best of intentions; however, you can easily learn how to avoid them by enrolling with Diet Center. You will be given all of the nutritional education and support required to help you successfully lose your excess weight and maintain your results long-term. Visit your local Center or give us a call at 901-259-TRIM to start living your Healthy Ever After!

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High-Fat Diet Plans May Lead to Chronic Inflammation

There’s currently a lot of debate surrounding diet plans that utilize fat as their primary mechanism of caloric intake. There is loads of research that supports the body breaking down to supply energy to the body in the absence of traditionally carbohydrate-heavy diets. The question is whether it is safe for the body to consume high-levels of fat and what implications that fat has for your overall health. To be very clear, fat is an essential part of healthy nutrition and we recommend eating healthy “good” fats like olive oil, nuts and salmon. Give us some butter on our sweet potatoes any day!

“As we now know, internal inflammation is one of the biggest factors that encourages weight gain and slows the metabolism.”

The issue at large is that while consumption of high levels of fat may encourage your body to use fat as energy, it still must be taken into consideration that too much of a good thing can have bad consequences. In a 2010 study by University of California physiologists, it was found that eating a high-fat diet plan is linked to changes in gut microbiota and the development of “low grade” systemic inflammation.  As we now know, internal inflammation is one of the biggest factors that encourages weight gain and slows the metabolism. Additionally, changes in the bacterial landscape of the gut can mean that the body is not only absorbing nutrients poorly but failing to fully break down essential components of fat into energy and simply storing them instead.

“…high-fat diets may be affecting sleeping patterns which then disrupt many of the functions of the body”

A recent study has also found preliminary evidence of linkage between high-fat diets and potentially adverse impacts on circadian sleep rhythm. That means high-fat diets may be affecting sleeping patterns which can then disrupt many of the functions of the body. Poor sleep can lead to an overproduction of the hormone cortisol which encourages fat storage around the midsection and serves as just another reason not to overload on bacon simply because it is not carbohydrates.

Another interesting find of the study is that an energy-dense diet has an effect on the vagus nerve, which is responsible for controlling much of our digestive tract. Energy dense is simply another way of saying high calorie and includes items such as fast food, cheeseburgers, high-fat foods, processed foods, etc. These high-fat diets have been found to alter the communication between our vagus nerve and the digestive tract in a way that signals to the body to store more fat. The implications of these studies warrants more research but what is clear is that the digestive system is being altered in some way by consumption of fat that may have negative side effects on metabolism, fat storage, hormones and much more.

“Nutrition should not only be a proper balance of healthy foods, it must also seek to address factors such as inflammation, hormone imbalance and the complex interactions of the human body.”

The Diet Center Program is a proponent of the balanced approach to macronutrients with healthy levels of fat, carbohydrates and proteins. We believe all the food groups are great and choosing selections from every day foods is sustainable for keeping the weight off. In fact, studies support that diets with balanced levels of healthy fats not only decrease inflammation, they actually discourage fat storage. Nutrition should not only be a proper balance of healthy foods, it must also seek to address factors such as inflammation, hormone imbalance and the complex interactions of the human body. Our scientifically formulated nutraceutical-grade supplements such as our Herbal Formula II and  AM/PM Weight Control Patch address many of these factors in order for clients to achieve their quickest and easiest weight loss for lasting results.

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Your Guide to Staying Energized All Day

It’s 2 PM in the afternoon and you’re desperately fighting to keep your eyelids from closing as you slip into the mid-day stretch of low energy. As you internally yell at yourself to “Wake up!”, you begin to wonder, “What do I need to do to get this to stop”? We’ve put together a set of simple tips to keep you awake, productive and feeling like you can take on the world.

Lay Off the Simple Starches

Clients of the Diet Center Program know that overloading the body on carbs has a detrimental effect on your overall health but it is also important to note what carb overload does to your energy level. The McSandwich and fries hit your system for a temporary energy boost but all too quickly the body realizes it needs to store the extra carbohydrates as fat and begins to pump insulin into the body. This triggers that hard crash after a meal and leads to you staving off the snores at work.

Eating a healthy balance of complex starches during the day slows the rise in blood sugars and leads to lower insulin spikes as well as allows you to digest your food more slowly. Rather than fall asleep, you can enjoy healthy even energy throughout the day. Complex starches include quinoa, brown rice, wild rice, millet, steel cut oats and more.

Eat Enough Fiber

You may be asking, what does fiber have to do with me falling asleep? Lots, actually. Eating enough fiber is an essential part of proper digestion. When your intake is inadequate, the body begins to get bogged down with undigested food and your ability to absorb nutrients is negatively affected. Poor absorption leads to a lack of energy because your body just isn’t getting the needed nutrients to produce energy.

A simple solution is to enjoy foods that have high fiber content. Pears, wild rice, raspberries, and broccoli are just a few wonderful options to help you keep your digestion healthy and your energy levels stable.

You Need a Boost

The temptation to grab a mid-afternoon coffee is high when you start feeling less than awake but this may not be the best option for you. The high acid content in repeated cups each day can lead to acid erosion of tooth enamel as well as yellowing of teeth. If you enjoy going out to grab your coffee, you’ll have to be aware of things like sugar, additives and high dairy content which can throw your healthy eating habits and weight-loss results off very quickly.

Diet Center’s Fat Burning Water Enhancer is a healthy weight loss boosting drink designed to help you experience a positive lift during the day with B Vitamins while helping to power your metabolism. Free from sugar and dangerous chemicals, each pack contain ingredients to burn fat, suppress appetite and help brighten your day and get you back in the working mood.

Fresh Air

Mother knows best and when she told you that you need fresh air, there was some serious wisdom there. When you’re starting to feel heavy eyelids set in, taking a short walk in fresh air can do wonders to reset your body and help you bring back some much-needed energy. How you ask? Your body will be taking in more oxygen during the activity and allow for increased energy production. You’ll wake back up in no time and if the sun is out, this is the perfect opportunity to soak up some Vitamin D.

Have a quick stretch while you’re enjoying the fresh air. Stretching is also a wonderful way to bring blood flow back into your limbs and provides a nice boost of energy. There’s never a bad moment to add a little flexibility into your day!


This may seem like the oldest trick in the book but it absolutely works. Pumping music through your earphones is a great way to remind your body to get back to it. Dance music with a steady beat actually awakens a biological response in the body to match the beat which is also why your local gym blasts that one dance track over and over until you’re sick of it. Setting the tempo for your work with a catchy song will keep you on track, productive and feeling energized. And I mean, why not have some fun while you’re at work?

Circadian Rhythm

The most obvious way to have more energy is to make sure you are getting adequate sleep but a little less obvious is the role circadian rhythm plays on the amount of energy you experience mid-day. Our bodies are biologically designed to follow the pattern of night and day but since we are amazing creatures, we can choose to ignore our own biology and set our own hours. A person who is a night owl not only loses sleep typically but also has an out of whack circadian clock because of it. When the body doesn’t know what rhythm it needs to be on, you can expect to experience tiredness at unfortunate times.

Set a sleeping schedule for yourself and do all that you can to stick to it. Going to bed at a reasonable hour such as 9 or 10 PM and waking 8 hours later will help you feel rested and experience proper energy through the day. Need a little help sleeping easy? Try Diet Center’s AM/PM Weight Control Patch to help increase feelings of relaxation, restful sleep and protect the body from hormone-related weight gain. The AM Patch has natural energizers while the PM patch has special ingredients to help you burn fat while you sleep while also promoting a restful snooze.

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15 Healthy Resolutions in the New Year

The holidays have come and gone, and now it’s time to turn over a new leaf for 2019! The New Year is an amazing chance for renewal and a wonderful time to focus on what is important to you.

Make 2019 your best year yet, by setting goals for yourself and holding yourself accountable to achieving them!

Lose Weight

No surprise here that the biggest New Year’s resolution is always to achieve a healthy weight. You are on the right track by starting your Diet Center Program with sound nutrition advice, a personalized approach and one-on-one support that will help you reach your goal.

Be More Confident

Be bold in 2019! Losing weight can help you gain confidence, but you have to actively choose to take chances and step out of your comfort zone. Stand up straighter and hold your head high! Trust us, it’s worth it.

Save Money

How much have you saved not eating junk food? Just because you pick up food from a drive-thru doesn’t mean it’s cheap. Ten dollars here, fifteen dollars there, and pretty soon your wallet is looking thin while your waistline is expanding. Remember, when you buy your own fresh and healthy food, you are saving 50% or more! Keep it up!

Ditch Bad Habits

Say goodbye to vices. Whether it’s smoking, drinking or doughnuts, it’s time to kick bad habits in your life that are bringing you down to the curb. This also applies to toxic relationships and negative self-talk. When you catch yourself doing something that doesn’t align with your goals, tell yourself you are better than that and move on!

Get Fit

While exercise is not required on the Diet Center Program, it is encouraged. The good news is any movement qualifies! Just 30 minutes of activity per day helps you meet the Physical Activity Guidelines standard and can prolong good health, helping you live a longer healthier life. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take the long way to the bathroom at work. It all adds up to more energy and less inches on your waistline.

Do Something You Love

Life is too short not to love it! Take stock of the previous year and think about what you’d like to change for 2019. Whether that’s something as big as switching careers or something as small as learning a new skill, be sure to add more of what you love to your new year.

Lower Debt

Make a plan to put aside the money you would normally spend on going out to eat, and soon you will have built up a nice little nest egg or extra funds to pay off debts.

Travel More

Whether it’s being comfortable on a plane or the tempting food in the airport, traveling can be a challenge. With the Diet Center Program, you will have the tools to stay on track at the airport and beyond, so you can travel with ease. NOTE: Set aside a special savings account just for travel, so you can start planning your next trip!

Love Your Wardrobe

Whether it’s your jeans, little black dress or bathing suit, you have a specific goal and we can get you there! Hang your item of clothing outside your closet for visual motivation to lose weight.

Use the Kitchen

Buying all that fresh food at the grocery store won’t do much for you if you can’t put it all together. Start with a freshly cleaned and organized space, and use our Diet Center recipes to whip up delicious, on-plan treats and entrees!

Reconnect with Friends

Thanks to Facebook and other social media sites, it’s becoming easier than ever to stay in contact with friends and family. But don’t forget the importance of a phone call or handwritten note – getting stuck behind a computer screen can often create more distance than intended!

Learn Something New

Between Rosetta Stone, DIY tutorials and podcasts, learning a new skill has made many New Year’s Resolution lists recently! Like any goal, break this up into small chunks and, eventually, you’ll be fluent.

Find Love

The first rule of finding love is to love yourself! By gaining confidence in yourself and your new body, you will not be afraid to show the world how special you are. Smile, be friendly and open your heart to the possibilities.

Reach Goals

With your list of 2019 goals in hand, go forth and make the changes you need to achieve them. Remember that the little things make a big difference. Choosing to eat an apple instead of a candy bar, going to work with a positive attitude and making time to improve your health are just a few examples of small changes that can add up to your best year yet. Happy New Year!

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One Day Sale!

SAVE BIG on ALL Diet Center Products and Programs!

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Diet Center MidSouth is having a ONE DAY SALE on Monday, November 26, 2018! Start your New Year’s Resolution early for only $25 per week!
Can’t make the sale date? Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express accepted by phone on the day of the sale. Current clients:  Make sure to come in today to save on products and receive a coupon book to help you save all during December!

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Your Guide to Meal Timing, Frequency and Ratios

Ready for fast and easy results that will motivate you to stay with it until goal? Healthy eating begins with balance. You want to balance your food intake, increase variety and also be conscious of when and how much you are eating to get amazing results on the scale. Balancing the food on your plate, eating all of the food on your Diet Center plan daily and eating your meals at great times will lead to optimal weight-loss results. What you eat is important, however, how much and why you eat is essential to your weight-loss success. At Diet Center we want you to have both rapid weight loss and lasting results. Proper portions, meal timing, ratios, not skipping meals and eating frequently heals your metabolism and prepares your body to burn stored fat for fuel and achieve lasting weight-loss results. Here are some helpful guidelines for Meal Timing and Frequency on your Diet Center Program. Eat 30-45 Minutes After Waking After a long night’s sleep, your body will require nourishment for energy. Diet Center recommends eating breakfast within 30-45 minutes of waking to provide your body with energy and help to prevent overeating later in the day. Before eating breakfast drink 8 to 16 ounces of water to prepare your bodily systems for the day. We recommend our 24 Hour Thermogenics Water Enhancer to boost metabolism and provide great appetite suppression. Eat a hearty breakfast consisting of lean protein, a healthy fat and an unrefined carbohydrate to keep you fuller longer! Diet Center products can also provide a variety of choices for easy-to-prepare breakfasts. Eat Frequently To keep your body energized and your metabolism functioning optimally, we recommend you eat every 2-3 hours. When you delay eating or skip meals, your insulin levels spike, which can result in added insulin in your blood stream, cravings and eventually lead to weight gain. When insulin levels are in balance, your body won’t go into starvation mode and blood sugar levels stay balanced. Eat 2/3 of Your Food Before Bed To assist with cravings and control overeating, enjoy your breakfast, lunch and snacks within the first 9 hours of your day. Finish eating all of your food for the day within 2 hours of going to bed. We also recommend eating your starch and fruit servings early in the day to ensure your body will digest them properly throughout your day. Also be sure you are taking your Carb Blockers to assist with reducing cravings, decreasing hunger and increased fat burning. Eat Everything on Your Plate Contrary to many weight-loss myths, skipping meals or leaving food on your plate does not equate to healthy and consistent weight loss. You must eat to lose! Eat all the food allotted on your plan to experience fast and healthy weight-loss results. These foods are specifically designed to boost your metabolism and create thermogenesis—or the creation of heat—in the body. This process allows your body to burn fat for fuel and shed excess weight in a fast and healthy manner. Count nutrients and not calories. Nourish yourself and nourish your health. Eat Proper Ratios Obtaining the optimal ratio of food groups at every meal is essential for weight-loss success because you are allowing your body to balance blood sugar and weight-related hormones. Proper ratios will also spark thermogenesis in the body. Use a food scale when preparing meals in the home to “check” yourself. Under eating can cause your metabolism and fat burning factors to slow—so make sure you are getting enough! Eat frequently, eat balanced portions and eat everything on your plate! These simple rules are essential to helping ensure you lose your weight and lose it all! Your Diet Center Counselor will be glad to help with meal planning and an eating schedule to maximize your personal metabolism and lifestyle needs. Let’s do it together!

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SAVE BIG on ALL Diet Center Products and Programs!

Start now, or start after the first of the year, but don’t miss these lowest prices of the year!

Diet Center MidSouth is having a ONE DAY SALE on Monday, November 29th, 2021!
Start your New Year’s Resolution early for only $25 per week!

Can’t make the sale date? Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express accepted by phone on the day of the sale.

Current clients:  Make sure to come in today to save on products and receive a coupon book to help you save all during December!

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