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The Power of the Food Journal

Talk about the power of the pen: People who keep a food diary lose twice as much weight as those who don’t, according to a 2008 study published by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine. Here are some common mistakes that could be holding you back from greater weight loss.

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Can Stress Keep Me From Losing Weight?

Stress eating tends to be associated with reaching for high-fat comfort foods that everybody knows are unhealthy. But it’s not just the calories consumed during stress eating that negatively impact one’s weight—stress itself could be throwing off metabolism, too.

In new study from The Ohio State University (OSU), researchers found that women who experienced stress in the previous 24 hours burned 104 fewer calories than non-stressed women in the time after eating a high-fat meal—which adds up to the equivalent of 11 pounds gained annually.

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Ten Ways To Increase Your Energy

I think we’ve all had that unmistakable feeling of being exhausted and wondering where our energy is. However, how about a low-grade energy drain? In this case, you may not necessarily feel the classic signs of exhaustion — like achy muscles or that all-over tired feeling. What you do experience is an increasing lack of get-up-and-go for many of the activities you used to love.

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How Do I Diet When My Family Isn’t?

Learning to eat less of the high-calorie foods you love isn’t always easy. What can make it even harder: having to stare down those fattening foods at your very own dinner table.

From the spouse who brings you a huge box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day to the mother-in-law who plies you with home-baked goodies to the skinny friend who invites you to uber-fattening lunch dates, the result is much the same. While their intentions may be all good, experts say the results can be all bad for the dieter trying to stick to a healthy eating plan.

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Organize Your Pantry For Weight Loss

Believe it or not, the key to losing weight could actually be in your pantry. Revamping your pantry may seem like a daunting task, but did you know it could help you hit your weight loss goals, too? Using baskets and turntables to group healthy recipe ingredients together, taking nutritious items out of the original packaging and arranging them in an attractive display so they look more appetizing – are all tricks that work.

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Can I Vacation & Still Lose Weight?

Many of us think that taking a vacation inevitably means gaining weight. Why deal with a setback? It is possible to enjoy yourself and still lose weight while vacationing. Of course, we recommend planning ahead and packing your Diet Center products for the best results. However, if this is not possible, here are some tips to help you stay on track:

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Brain Boosting Benefits of Cardio Exercise

We all know that logging miles on the treadmill can help with weight loss, but adding more cardio to your life will also boost your productivity, rev your energy, and turn you into an unstoppable success machine. Even one 30-minute cardio session pumps extra blood to your brain, delivering the oxygen and nutrients it needs to perform at max efficiency. Cardio also floods the brain with chemicals that enhance functions such as memory, problem solving, and decision making.

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Walk Before You Can Run

We have all heard the saying that you need to learn to walk before you run. In this case I am taking the interpretation literally. Many people looking to lose weight and get fit often turn to running to increase calorie burning and cardiovascular endurance and health. Unfortunately often people quit running as quickly as they get started due to injury and lack of progress in reaching their goals Below are my tips to safely start running:

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Walking Shoes

Am I Wearing the Right Walking Shoe?

Running and walking are among the purest, most natural forms of exercise around. With newfangled innovations like Freon-filled midsoles and pump-it-up tongues, it’s knowing which shoes to buy that seems to require an advanced degree. Choose the wrong athletic shoes and you could end up lying on the couch nursing shin splints or aching heels instead of enjoying a brisk walk or run.

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